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Steps for Starting Seeds at Home in Grow Trays

Steps for Starting Seeds at Home

Disclaimer: After hours & hours studying all the plant experts and much personal experience, I have realized there are NO OFFICIAL STEPS for starting your seeds at home! I’m simply going to share the way to start seeds that has repeatedly worked best for me. I use grow trays with domes & a plant heat mat.

One of the best ways to ensure that your plants have a healthy beginning is by germinating seeds in grow trays with domes. This method is especially useful for my favorite kind of gardening– hydroponic gardening!  Hydroponics is a soil-less growing technique that relies on nutrient-rich water instead.

First, let’s talk about grow trays. These trays are often made of plastic and come in various sizes. They’re designed to hold soil or hydroponic growing media and are perfect for starting seedlings. One of the benefits of using grow trays is that they allow you to start multiple plants at once, making the most of the available space. I like the reusable, 12-space grow trays because they are easier to manipulate.

Now, let’s talk about domes. Domes are plastic covers that fit over the top of your grow trays. They’re designed to create a humid environment, which is perfect for seed germination. The humid environment helps to retain moisture and warmth, which encourages the seeds to sprout. Placing the grow tray with moist seeding media and seeds on a plant heat mat speeds up the germination process.

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Get Growing with Grow Trays! This video shows you how!

Why Use Pelleted Seeds in Hydroponics?

It’s a “Seed to Salad” Blog, so let’s begin with my favorite type of seed. No, it’s not a type of vegetable or flower, but it’s the type of seed that saves me a lot of time when germinating seeds for my hydroponics system.

A pelleted seed is a seed that is coated with an inert, organic material such as clay.

Seeds are pelleted by tumbling them with the coating materials and gradually adding moisture. Once the pellet coating reaches the desired size, the pelleted seeds are cured (dried).

Pelleted seeds…

  • Are easier to plant & manage
  • Have a higher germination rate
  • Are less likely to mold or rot in a hydroponic system
  • Are big enough for you to find them

And, pelleted seeds are just more fun–especially with criss-cross tweezers!