TENS & ONE GAME FILE Includes Lesson Plan

PRIMARY-LEVEL STANDARD: Compose 10 with two or more addends with and without concrete objects.

In this game, students race to see who is first to represent the number of leaves in a bag using stacking cubes. Real objects, one-to-one correspondence practice, and real-world connections make this game a winner!

DOT PLOT LEAF GAME FILE Includes Lesson Plan

INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL STANDARD: Represent data on a frequency table, dot plot, or stem-and-leaf plot marked with whole numbers.

The goal of this game is to be the first pair to accurately represent the number of leaves in their bag on a dot plot. At the end of the game students write their own multiple-choice questions for assessment.

DOT PLOT LEAF GAME FILE Includes Lesson Plan

SECONDARY-LEVEL STANDARD: Represent numerical data graphically, including dot plots, stem-and-leaf plots, histograms, and box plots.

In this game students race to accurately represent the number of leaves in their bag on a dot plot. The fun continues as they create a new dot plot for plant height.

Setting up grow trays, seeding media, & begin germination of seeds and thinking about math the entire time!

🌿Measuring for a Shelf

Together we plan for the perfect shelf system for our classroom hydroponics system and use TONS of math concepts while doing it!

👷Building a DIY Hydroponic Tank

Save money and learn how to make your own hydroponic tank. Did I mention there is a bunch of measuring involved?

How to Harvest🥗

Learn two ways of harvesting and use an array math concepts while you’re doing it!

How to 🛠️ Organize a HYROPONIC Dream 😴 Shelf

You have all of the components of a Classroom Hydroponic System, NOW WHAT? Build a dream shelf with me!

👨🏼‍🌾Discovering👩🏾‍🌾 Hydroponics in the Classroom

Learn the HYDROPONIC CHANT 🎶 and watch as primary-level students begin their journey as hydroponic farmers.

Making the M in STEM Come Alive!

Hydroponics is a LIVING math & science word problem that students WANT to solve!