Starting Plants in Hydro Tanks

SAVE $$$ BY STARTING SEEDS & SEEDLINGS IN YOUR HYDRO TANK! If you have a hydroponic system, then you have a perfect money maker! Hydroponic tanks are a great tool for germinating seeds and encouraging seedling formation.

While I have started many seeds in my grow trays & DWC tanks, my favorite seeds to watch grow are loofah seeds. They are just incredibly gratifying to watch grow.

The picture to the left shows loofah seeds that were started just four days ago! Once they are placed in a hydro tank under a grow light they almost explode in growth!

I planted two loofah seeds & this is the crop of seeds!

Loofahs are edible. This immature loofah gourd is the right size for eating in stir fry. You can also eat the flowers and the leaves.

The mature loofah gourd is really a cool tool! It can be used as a dish scrubber. I haven’t used a dishcloth for years!

But wait, there are MORE uses for dried loofah!

  • Scrubbing grills, ovens, & car wheels
  • Organic cleaner in gardens
  • Skin exfoliator
  • Media for planting seeds
  • Supports starting plants in raised beds & gardens
  • And, so on…

Basically, whenever you would use a rag or sponge or scrubber, you can use a loofah instead. When you’re finished, it is repurposed

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  1. I admit, I was skeptical too but after using a loofah to clean tractor grease off my hands and fingernails, with plain soap, I was convinced. Just try it on pots, pans or hands and you’ll see. It’s definitely an under appreciated and utilized natural resource!

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