July 2023

Scientific Method for Kids- Which Seeding Media is Best?

Hydroponics is the #newsciencestrategy and provides the perfect opportunity to use the scientific method on almost a daily basis. The video, SCIENTIFIC METHOD FOR KIDS, can be used as a lesson guide and provides you with a materials list, procedures, and the steps of the scientific method. Visit the Hydroponics in the Classroom page of this site to download the FREE SCIENTIFIC METHOD FOLDABLE & the FREE SCIENTIST NOTEBOOK. Both documents will engage your learners in determining which seeding media is best?

Here’s a little bit more information about each type of seeding media that is being tested by our Homeschool Scientists.

  1. Cotton:
  • Advantages: Cotton is inexpensive and widely available. It retains moisture well and provides a soft and gentle environment for delicate seedlings. It can be a good option for starting seeds that require a consistently moist environment.
  • Disadvantages: Cotton tends to break down relatively quickly, especially in a wet environment. This breakdown can hinder root growth and potentially cause issues with seedlings’ stability.
  1. Rockwool Cubes:
  • Advantages: Rockwool cubes are a popular choice among hydroponic growers and greenhouse cultivators. They provide excellent water retention while allowing for proper drainage, which is essential for preventing overwatering and root rot. They offer good support for young seedlings and promote root development.
  • Disadvantages: Rockwool is a synthetic material made from molten rock, and some growers prefer more natural alternatives. It may also require special handling and disposal due to its non-biodegradable nature.
  1. Oasis Cubes (Foam Cubes):
  • Advantages: Oasis cubes are specifically designed for horticultural applications. They offer good water retention and aeration, striking a balance between maintaining moisture and preventing waterlogging. They provide a stable environment for seedlings to grow, offering good support for the roots.
  • Disadvantages: Oasis cubes can be more expensive compared to cotton or rockwool. They are also synthetic, which might be a drawback for some environmentally conscious growers.

Each seeding medium has its pros and cons, and the best choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. Rockwool cubes and Oasis cubes are generally more popular and widely used in commercial settings due to their excellent water retention and support for root development. If you prefer a more natural and affordable option, cotton can also be suitable for certain types of plants. Ultimately, experimentation and experience will help you determine the most effective seeding medium for your particular gardening or growing situation.

Which seeding media will be the best in our experiment? Come back to the blog in two weeks and find out!